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Pink Sunflower Sunset, Original Mixed Media Art 20x20"

Pink Sunflower Sunset, Original Mixed Media Art 20x20"

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This original sunflower canvas art is now polished and ready to enter the world. Take a close look at all the details hidden in the artwork. This art is like life with many layers.

We all have layers that we carry with us throughout our lives. Each experience we have adds a layer. Those who meet us may not be aware of every layer. Some are buried deeper than others, but all adds to the diversity that makes us human. 

Just like this art. Look closely at the details. You will notice many things buried in the layers. Music. Diamonds. Inspirational Words.

The pink and yellow combination is that of a sunset- the last hours of the day which serves as a metaphor for our aging process as well.

You may be drawn to this art because of my inspiration behind it-- or maybe you just find it pretty to look at. Either way, this art will bring joyful vibrations to your home. 


TITLE: Pink Sunflower Sunset
SIZE: 20x20"

COPYRIGHT words do not appear on actual artwork
SIGNED by the artist
MATERIALS: Mixed media on canvas

Copyright of work, including all rights of reproduction in any form, are held by the artist, Miriam Schulman.

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