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Copyright Policy

Do not copy my art without my written permission.

This includes:

  • Taking digital photos of my art
  • Recreating my art with your own supplies
  • Copying my art for "educational purposes"
  • Copying my art for "fair use"
  • Even copying my art NOT for profit

Reproducing the artwork of a living artist without permission is copyright infringement and is illegal. Reproducing my work with your own hands and supplies is considered an unauthorized derivative and is a federal offense.


Use in Schools

Using my art in accredited schools is only legal if:

  • It is talked about and shown to a class for reference
  • Distributed in limited amount by photocopying (Xeroxing)

Students copying my art using their own supplies is illegal.

Using my art to teach others to copy it is also illegal.

This includes:

  • All accredited schools
  • Home schools
  • Painting and drinking wine schools
  • Art schools
  • Birthday parties
  • Just for fun

All rights are reserved.

My copyright is reserved for my publishers and retailers.

If you are going to copy an artist's work without their permission, stick with pubic domain images or the work of Old Masters that are legally eligible for copying. Keep in mind that even if an artist is no longer alive, their work still may be protected under copyright law. Please research the piece of art you wish to copy before copying it.