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Commission an Original

Having original art in your home is a powerful way of stating who you are to the world. Art is a conversation starter, and a powerful way of spreading positive messages.

However, sometimes you may fall in love with an artist's style but they don't have quite what you need... whether the size, or the colors are just not quite right.

That is when you should consider a custom commission. I absolutely love working on commissioned paintings because they present a creative challenge and I know where the painting will go even before I begin.
In addition to commissioned portraits, my most popular commissions are peacocks, abstract florals and trees. My collectors love peacock art as I skillfully combine colors in unexpected ways that soothe the room and everyone in it, yet, vibrate with positive energy.
Look at the original peacock art on my website for ideas, or email me to discuss your own commissioned art just for you! You can email me and we can also set up a phone call to discuss your wish list. Imagine the feeling of walking into your home and being greeted by art that expresses your personality and was designed just for you.

Let me make something beautiful for you! Write me an email to get started on your new piece: