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Custom Watercolor Family Portrait

Custom Watercolor Family Portrait

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My portraits of children are owned and cherished by parents throughout New York. My usual practice is to spend time getting to know the family I am going to paint, studying them, taking as many as hundred photographs. Back in the quiet and seclusion of my own studio I paint the finished portrait working from a photo picked with consultation of the parents and my remembered impressions.

Consider a portrait of your family, boat, home pet or painting of your favorite vacation spot as a special fine art commission. Color of clothing and background may be customized to fit the décor of your home. Formulas for group portraits that tend to work are children playing games, reading together, dancing or digging on the beach. These classic examples make for an artistic painting that not only captures a moment but will be treasured for generations.

I can come to your home for a photo session or you may provide several pictures. Photos must be in sharp focus and lighted to show facial features—not too bright or shadowed. The best photos have a strong light source on one side and are taken in natural sunlight. Digital photos may be used provided they are produced by a 3 mega-pixel camera used a t the highest quality and are at least 2000x1500 mega-pixels. Remember what looks good on your computer may not be clear enough to paint from. Also, it is a good idea to send several photos: one photo with an attractive pose, but another with close up details such as eye & hair color.

Size  1-Figure 2-Figure 3-Figure Each Add'l Person

12x16" $1000 $1500 NA NA
18x24"  $1400  $2000 $3000 $1000
22x30"  $2000  $4000 $5000 $1000
25x40"  $2500  $5000 $7000 $1500
30x40"  $3000  $6000 $8000 $2000

**additional charges and fees that may incur are described in the sample contract

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