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Work For SchulmanArt

Art Internships for High School and College Students

Wanted: Art interns to help with Ecommerce Content Management for busy professional artist

  • 10-20 hours per week
  • promote artist career using all social media to  (twitter, facebook, website, blog etc)
  • create work in progress videos for you tube
  • create templates for websites, auctions and other ecommerce
  • create brochures, postcards
  • college recommendation availble to successful interns
  • A-school January internship and senior options approved (unpaid)
  • summer internship--> $500 stipend at the successful completion of 75 hours.
  • located close to White Plains and Hartsdale train station
  • some work may be done offsite, computer work is done in artist's home studio

Qualified applicant should have interest in either an art career or a marketing career, and own means of transportation to the artist's studio.

** Fall intern ** priority will be given to SUNY purchse students looking for class credits for the arts management program

preference will be given to local Scarsdale, Hartsdale and White Plains highschool students.

Artistic skills not a prerequisite but applicant must be able to demonstrate strong writing skills, and computer saavy.

From Past Interns:

SchulmanArt Intern | LindsayMy experience working as a Schulman Art intern has been a pleasure. I was able to utilize the skills I already have while learning new ones on the job. I developed my skills as a writer, and learned what is neccessay to run a succesful, modern small business. Whether I was guest blogging or organizing files, I always felt that the work was vital to the bigger picture of Schulman Art. ~Lindsay LeBoyer - Scarsdale, New York



I have greatly enjoyed my time at SchulmanArt. As an intern, I was engaged primarily in search engine optimization (SEO); now that SchulmanArt had an established presence on social media sites, it was my job to boost its viewership. I quickly gained a sense for popular art-related keywords that I could integrate into product descriptions to boost search engine placement, and in addition, I incorporated social media buttons linking to Facebook, Twitter, and the like onto the majority of Miriam Schulman’s webpages. The greater understanding of eCommerce that I’ve gained during my time at SchulmanArt is simply invaluable! ~ Riley Wood - Scarsdale, New York

Interning for Schulman Art was a wonderful experience that deepened my understanding of how artists today create their public images and promote their works, particularly by means of the internet and social media.  I also learned a lot by going to art exhibitions and researching artists, fashion trends and exhibits all over the world.  It was satisfying to be able to use my strengths in writing and editing in the "real world" and feel like my work was valued by and helpful to Schulman Art.  Overall, I greatly appreciate my time at Schulman Art. ~ Elissa Watters- Rye, New York

SchulmanArt Intern | StefanieAs an intern at Schulman Art, I have been able to practice both new and old skills, and learn all about how a professional artist sells and markets her work. Much of my time at Schulman Art has been focused on the use of the Internet; including social networking, blogging, and the use of online marketplaces; and how it can be best utilized by a small business in the modern world. I truly gained a lot from this internship, and have had the opportunity to improve my writing, organizational, and technological skills, as well as the opportunity to learn about Miriam Schulman's art and business.  ~ Stefanie Hindmarch - Scarsdale, New York


Working for SchulmanArt was a unique experience for me. I was amazed at the amount of effort and time that is required for running a business. I was immediately put to work, doing all different tasks that I didn’t even know were required for running an art business. I felt a sense of importance as an intern because I could tell that my work was truly benefitting the business. I was able to apply my interest in photography to this job, but I also found new interests thanks to the variety of tasks that this job entails. I obtained a greater understanding of marketing during this gratifying opportunity, and I’m glad I got to experience it! ~ Elizabeth Jacobs- Scardale, NY (A-School Internship 2014)

SchulmanArt Intern | LizzieInterning at Schulman Art has been a valuable experience for me, as I had the chance to learn more about the inner workings of a small business and contribute to its success. During my internship, I enjoyed developing my creative writing and editing skills by writing copy for products, writing and editing blog posts, and editing an EBook. My internship was a wonderful opportunity to promote an artist on social media networks and learn more marketing skills, including search engine optimization and Photoshop. Since the very first day, I was made to feel that every task, big or small, was actually integral to an artist’s growth ~
Lizzie Turovsky, Summer 2014 Intern

SchulmanArt Intern | AnnaI feel incredibly fortunate to have worked for SchulmanArt. I've had the opportunity to combine my passion for art with applying and improving upon my prior knowledge and skills of everything from graphic design, video editing, online networking, and data management. Under Miriam's guidance, I've learned how to use the applications and communication skills necessary to run an art business, and I feel that I have a much better understanding of how businesses like SchulmanArt function in the (primarily online) modern world. Everyday here is a rewarding experience. I can't help but feel a sense of loyalty towards my work. ~Anna Kuhlmey - Purchase College, NY