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We're hiring!!!

Content​ ​Coordinator


Position​ ​Details:

Reports to: Miriam Schulman (owner)

Salary: $ Varies based on experience


Job​ ​Posting:

Our ideal candidate has experience creating stellar content in digital formats and enjoys collaborating with other content creators. (entry level is TOTALLY fine! Your extra-curriculars count!!)

We are looking for someone who absolutely loves creating content in the online marketing arena. Our Content Coordinator will create (research, write, and edit) blog, podcast, and training course materials; produce complete and accurate research; provide administrative, content, and production support; and otherwise utilize creative skills to support the development of outstanding content.

We’re looking for a strong and diligent content creator who can jump in and make an immediate contribution to our team. The ideal candidate is someone willing to intelligently add value and insight in all the ways we deliver content. This role could be a mix of work-from-home as well as in-person collaboration. (could also be all on site) The position requires candidates to reside in or within commuting distance to Scarsdale, NY for regular in-person meetings. 

Hours for this position are limited to 10am to 5pm EST, Monday-Thursday, but are somewhat flexible, as this position is more about accomplishing certain tasks and objectives with a high level of responsiveness. Looking for 10-24 hours a week to start. Will train the right person to advance and grow with my company!

Paramount to this is the ability to understand and structure content so it’s usable by the audience as well as the skill of writing in a way that’s concise, clear, and compelling. In addition, we need someone who can ensure our messages are both value-based, actionable, and engaging, every time.


Duties and Responsibilities

Our Content Manager will primarily be responsible for:

  • Creating training material focused on art related topics
  • Producing complete and accurate research.
  • Summarizing content into detailed outlines.
  • Structuring content so it’s usable and incredibly actionable (step-by-step) to our audience.
  • Creating online marketing training content that is value-based, actionable, and engaging.
  • Creating visuals such as pdf's, infographics, and flowcharts (content focused, not design). - using canva - will train.
  • Editing content for flow and accuracy.

Skills and Abilities

You are a strong fit for this position if the statements below are true for you:

  • You enjoy creating content that will help artists 
  • You are the type of person that can spot a typo from a mile away.
  • You're an effective communicator, especially in writing.
  • You are a thinker and a doer. This position is a mix of both. You can come up with creative content and you also don’t hesitate to jump in and implement.
  • You are a talented writer.
  • You understand the power of a good story and you are a master at asking the right questions of the right people to bring that story to life.
  • You have a natural ability to understand what makes someone tick.
  • You have the ability to uncover challenges and translate those challenges into solutions.
  • You are incredibly organized (friends might call you a little OCD!).
  • You have a genuine interest in online marketing strategies and principles.
  • You have a good design eye and can communicate how to make written content aesthetically pleasing in terms of graphics and slide decks.
  • You can adapt well to quick turnaround and work well under pressure.


  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Art History or Communications is preferred.
  • Experience in creating content in the form of training courses, guides curriculum, or related material and assets.
  • We prefer someone who is comfortable with technology.
  • Experience using Google Suite (mail, docs, drive, calendar) and Dropbox is preferred.

    Application​ ​instructions:

    Step 1: Take the Myers Briggs test here:

    Step 2: Email with...

    1. Subject Line: I am your new ROCKSTAR Content Coordinator!
    2. Your Myers Briggs Test Results
    3. Your Resume as an attached PDF
    4. Add what you would write for this listing as your writing sample:

    I am looking forward to hearing from you!