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Portrait Process

From photo to finished portrait...

Portrait Process | From Photo to Finished Portrait


1) Select a photo:

The artist will help you look through your treasured photos or take the perfect picture for you. You will get to pick the photo you ike best from the photo session.

There is no extra charge for photographing the subject.
All proofs and enlargements used for painting the portrait will be given to you complimentary.

2) Approve drawing:

The artist will make a contour drawing in pencil on watercolor paper for your approval.

3) Final approval:

During the process of creating the watercolor portrait, the artist may request an additional sitting to be conducted either in the artist's Scarsdale studio or at the client's location. (Charge for travel to client if outside of Scarsdale) In some cases,
photographs of the finished watercolor portrait can be sent to the client for approval.

4) Portrait is finished in presentation mat for standard sizes 18x24" and less.

You may pick up the portrait from the studio
or pay to have it delivered to you.

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