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About the Artist

Hello!  I'm Miriam Schulman.  I'm a 48 year old full time artist living in New York's backyard. Growing up, I lived in many places from Miami to Atlanta to Boston, but I now proudly call myself a New Yorker.

What I do

As an artist and small business owner, I am always crafting plans for my business. When I first started in the professional art world, I worked mainly in traditional portraiture doing commissioned watercolor portraits of children. Although I still occasionally take commissions and teach watercolor painting techniques, I have greatly evolved my art making business and now design products with my art that has a more modern and contemporary vibe. Now my art has been published and is licensed with major partners so my art can reach the world in a way I can not do on my own.



More Back story 

SchulmanArt Press Clippings
I earned a B.A. in Art History with a minor engineering from Dartmouth College and a Masters of Science from M.I.T.  I always loved math and computers equally with art -- always drawing and creating and now always looking to see how I can use technology to grow my art business. The two blend so beautifully when you are a creative artist entrepreneur with an online ecommerce business. I feel so fortunate to be born in the communication age where all this art making can be made accessible to an international audience

Happier with less

Miriam SchulmanI have been full time self employed since 2002 when I decided that I would not return to my life on Wall Street and have not looked back since. I have never worked harder than I have as a creative business owner but have never been more happy with my career choices.  I juggle my own business with managing my responsibilities as a mom of two very passionate and busy children, both musically gifted and always making sure that I take time for myself. I don't make as much money as I did when I was working for a hedge fund, that is for sure, but I am richer with experience and have learned to be happier with less.



You: Where did you study art?

ME: I studied art history at Dartmouth College and have studied with well known watercolorists Charles Reid and Mel Stabin as well as Elise Morenon.

However, I have been studying art obsessively my whole life...whether I was drawing my teacher's portrait when I should have been taking notes in class or going to every NYC museum show I can. I constantly read art books, take classes, experiment in the studio, draw in the car, photograph and subscribe to four different art magazines.


You: I heard you have a masters from M.I.T...isn't that unusual for artists to also be mathematical?

Me: Not at all! Leonardo DaVinci was both a talented artist and engineer. Gauguin was first a stock broker. Besides, in today's modern world you have to be technical to sell your art successfully online!


You: What kind of art do you do?

Me: I am best known for my watercolors and my mastery of the watercolor portrait but that doesn't stop me from experimenting with mixed media collage art. I am passionate about my art and am always looking for ways to grow as an artist.


You: Do you paint everyday, all day long?

ME: I work on my art business everyday... usually that means marketing, packaging online sales and answering emails in the mornings and working on my art in the afternoons. However, I do feel it is important to refuel the creative well... so going to New York museums or travel is an essential part of being an artist.


You: How long have you been an artist?

Me: I have been selling my art professionally since 2003 from my website, print on demand venues and galleries as well as the occasional art fair or a holiday boutique. In the beginning, I mostly did commissioned portraits and  have completed commissioned portraits in dozens of homes throughout the New York area. My other fine art has found collectors all over the world through the wonders of the internet.


You: Are you on facebook?

ME:If you haven't already, please connect with me on facebook!

You: Do you have a studio? ( or where is your studio?)

ME: So glad you asked, here is a tour of my home studio. I live a short train ride from New York City, but in a leafy suburb that gives me the peace and solitude I crave. Take a look around!

 10 more things I am proud of...

  • My art has been published in The New York Times and other local papers...
  • My art appeared on the cover of Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association,
  • You can read this feature article “A Brush with Life,” in the Scarsdale Inquirer 2007,  (full text of article)
  • The NBC show Parenthood purchased my artwork for their set design
  • My art has also been used for television and print ads by Sony.
  • My art is licensed with major manufacturing partners including Art Needlepoint, Kitchen Palette and Earth Rugs. I have some of the best selling shower curtain designs on cafepress (come see them!)
  • My art is also included in the permanent collections at Hoff-Barthelson Music School in Scarsdale, New York and Goodwood Flying School in West Sussex, England
  • Dartmouth College awarded me the Adelbert Ames Fine Arts Award upon graduation.
  • In 2013, I started an online art workshop site called the Inspiration Place so I could offer my art classes in an online format.
  • I have been married over 20 years with two children, and no they are not interested in being artists, but they have passions of their own.