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Tulip Travels, LARGE Original Mixed Media Art on canvas

Tulip Travels, LARGE Original Mixed Media Art on canvas

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Enjoy the beauty and enchantment of delicate tulips all year round. The colors will fit into your modern decor and add the pop of color your home craves without dominating the room.

Each flower is highly textured and layered with multiple meanings and dimensions. You will notice numbers, music, and text hidden among the petals and leaves. You will love the bright happy flowers dancing across the canvas.

The decorating suggestions shows the large canvas over a mid-century modern sofa by West Elm. This painting will also be right at home in more neutral decors. The long and narrow size makes it perfect for over a headboard, a sofa or a banquet. The colors are subtle with pops of color to add personality to the room.

Can't wait to see how this looks in your home!


TITLE: Tulip Travels
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman
SIZE: 2x5' (two by five FEET)
FRAMING: no framing required ion this gallery wrapped canvas- sides are patterned with a modern leopard print for a professional gallery finish
canvas comes to you wired and ready to enjoy right out of the box.

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