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Trumpet Trust, Original Mixed Media Art

Trumpet Trust, Original Mixed Media Art

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mixed media trumpet painting by @schulmanArt


mixed media trumpet painting by @schulmanArt
So this painting is a trumpet- but it is also more than just a trumpet. I will let you in on a few of its secrets. There is an elephant hidden in the background, a most trustworthy animal who has a trumpet of his own. The blue gray of the elephant forms the background colors allowing the golden brass trumpet to shine above. In the original art, you will see the metallic glints on the instrument. 

Hidden Words


Look more closely and you will see words embedded in the artwork. What else do you notice?

Print Option

If you prefer the more economical option of a fine art print, you can collect those here. The prints also come with your choice of framing.
living room decorating ideas blue and white mixed media trumpet painting by @schulmanArt


For the room view, I conjured up this fantasy of an all white living room with a large bouquet of blue hydrangeas in the front to complement the painting. I don't know anyone who lives like that except in the catalogs of Ethan Allen. However, I am sure you can find a home for this trumpet painting anywhere... where would you display it?


Notes on Framing and Shipping

There is only one original which you can collect here. I know you are just going to love owning this one of a kind original signed artwork which will come to you with a white mat so that you can slip it into a ready made 16x20" frame without the cost of custom framing. I do not frame it for you so that it can ship easliy whether you live in New York ( like me) or in Australia. I am happy to ship internationally. Frames are very personal and should coordinate with your home decor so you have the freedom to choose your own. (Note: Mat is free for domestic US colelctors but will be eliminated to ship internationally. International art will be shipped safely rolled and placed into a mailing tube.)

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