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Sisters, Original Mixed Media Art of Sheep

Sisters, Original Mixed Media Art of Sheep

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You’ll know it’s finally Spring when baby animals arrive and the entire place is buzzing with signs of new life. The annual ballads of lambs and songbirds bring us to the happiest place. These two little lambs, titled “Sisters” remind us of the importance of family life and coming of age with another. Warmed by the glowing sun and surrounded by sweet spring flowers, the young lambs take a moment to nuzzle one another, or maybe they are sharing a juicy secret - there’s a good chance they could be wrestling or fighting over a clover the very next moment, but when we look back on childhood with our siblings, don’t all those moments seem sentimental and sweet? Or do you have a best friend who is just as much of a “sister” as any sibling?

Perhaps this is the perfect piece to remind your of your own favorite baby lambs, whether they be your children or grandchildren. This piece instantly makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and offers a glimpse into the sweetness of growing up with a best friend.
This whimsical and happy will alter the mood of your room and everyone in it.  You will never get bored of discovering the textures and layers that complete this artwork. Discover something new each time you look at it. 
TITLE: Sisters
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman
SIZE:  8x8" without frame, 10x10 with included gold frame
FRAMING: optional 10x10" gold floater frame
MATERIALS: mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas with acrylic varnish
SHIPPING: All original art sent withing the US is mailed via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. International art is sent first class and express shipping option is available to all locations

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