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Purple Penguin Party, Original Mixed Media Art

Purple Penguin Party, Original Mixed Media Art

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Are you looking for original penguin art ? This mixed media collage art on canvas pictures a family of penguins in a melody of purples. You will love adding this whimsical penguin painting to your home's room decor. The one of a kind contemporary wall art makes a statement in your modern home. The penguin is surrounded by a cacophony of rich colors and textures.
TITLE:  Purple Penguin Party
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman
SIZE:    10x10" framed
dominant colors: purple lilac violet black white
MEDIA :  Watercolor, acrylic, piano Sheet Music,  Collage on CANVAS
copyright words do not appear on actual penguin artwork
SHIPPING: All original art sent withing the US is mailed via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. International art is sent first class and express shipping option is available to all locations
FRAMING: included

Floater Frames are the preferred way to frame canvas paintings. Each frame is painted black on the inside rim to increase the "float" effect. The dark interior of the frames make it appear as if your canvas is floating in space! The frame is wired and ready to be hung on your wall.

Collect this original, one of a kind art to make your home calm, happy and colorful!
As part of my new series of animals in springtime, I created this penguin family. Now, in my other series I waxed poetic about the feelings of warmth sunshine and flowers yet this penguin painting also depicts spring.
In early spring, the baby penguins arrive to one of the coldest places on earth. These little families obey the laws and habits of nature and yet also define a springtime ritual. For this art, I wanted to include the warmth and love of the penguin family in the midst of cold and snow.
Although, I have never been to Antarctica and only witnessed penguins in zoos, the color purple is the one that best embodies the frozen royalty of the penguins. I am sure I am not alone as the radiant orchid hue was the dominant color in Disney's Frozen as well. 
In addition, I wanted to depict the movement of the snow by using lots of texture in the background. Look carefully at the background and see what you discover hidden in the layers. For example, I included piano music to represent the songs of mating birds. What can you discover?

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