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A Writer's Sketch - Paperback Edition SIGNED by the author!

A Writer's Sketch - Paperback Edition SIGNED by the author!

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Here is where you can order your SIGNED paperback copy of A Writer's Sketch by Ron and Miriam Schulman! 

Ron Schulman, a compassionate poet with a unique appreciation for nature, and Miriam Schulman, an expressive mixed media artist with an affinity for watercolor paintings, teamed up to bring you an art collector’s dream in a poetry book.

Containing beautiful prose style essays that explore the themes of compassion for others, the future, and nature, Ron’s poems are sure to challenge your perspectives of the homeless, country life, and our digital society. To match the poems, Miriam contributes a collection of misty watercolor paintings of New York inspired imagery that act as the perfect complement to the ephemeral prose.

At home on any art enthusiasts’ coffee table, A Writers Sketch is an ode to empathy. Visually immersed in a world of watercolor animals, landscapes, and cityscapes while mentally transported to the perspective of a rural youth, a homeless person, or a Woodstock festival attendee, you won’t be able to help feeling more connected to the world around you after reading.

A Writers Sketch Features:

-A Poetry Collection that makes a perfect heart-felt gift
-Over 50 of Miriam Schulman’s Watercolor Paintings featuring Wellfleet Cape Cod, Scarsdale New York, New York City landscapes, farm animal art, floral paintings, and more
-A Free Audiobook version to inspire you while on the go

This husband and wife duo have used their artistic talents to create a piece that truly evokes love. Twenty-six years ago, A Writers Sketch was the name of love letter that Ron wrote Miriam. Today, you can be part of that legacy by being the proud owner of their book of the same name. 

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