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Poet's Peony Garden, Original Mixed Media

Poet's Peony Garden, Original Mixed Media

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I am often asked how I can bear to sell my art...why don't I keep it? Part of what makes it easy to let go of my art and sell it is that I know that my best art will always be the next one that I paint. My favorite art in my collection is always my most recent art piece. 

Is this really different than gardening. How could you bear to cut your flowers and make a bouquet except that you know the earth will replenish the flowers and spring will come again.


There are a ton of artistic details layered into this art. In addition to the music and text layered into the main painting surface, the sides are also treated to a leopard print pattern. This elevates a traditional subject of pink flowers to the modern era. You'll want to display this art in a place where people can see it since it is a conversation starter. Let children in the room see how many hearts they can spot layered among the flowers. The adults will delight in discovering hidden messages throughout the artwork. 


Poet's Peony Garden is a love poem in paint. Bring this 24x30" artwork home with you and fill your home with the powerful vibration of love. Since the sides are decorated, you do not need a frame to display this art which comes to you already wired and ready to hang right out of the box.

There is only one original painting of this art available on this website and once it's's gone.

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