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Wild Card of the Orchestra, Fine Art PRINT on canvas

Wild Card of the Orchestra, Fine Art PRINT on canvas

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The Horn, often called the French Horn, is thought by many to be the most beautiful sounding instrument in the orchestra. and this painting is a visual representation of the sounds this bold and extroverted instrument makes. As Allan Kozin says in his New York Times article, [ital.]French Horn, That Wild Card of the Orchestra, "Orchestral instruments don’t come more treacherous than the French horn, either for the musicians who play it, or, when the going gets rough, for the listeners who find themselves within earshot. Sometimes you wonder how the instrument found its way from the hunting lodge to the orchestra."

The combination of teal and orange create a party for the musical notes to dance in while the lilac undertones add a soothing element. Imagine yourself at a Mostly Mozart concert in the upper mezzanine of Lincoln Center as the horn's notes reach out to touch your heart and awaken your soul.

Please allow up to two weeks to receive a custom print on canvas.

The original watercolor art is also available:

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