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Elephant Dreams, Fine Art Print

Elephant Dreams, Fine Art Print

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This mixed media artwork of an elephant combines the best of collage & mixed media for lots of texture and dimension. The elephant is dreaming of tromping through the poppies. The elephant represents strong symbolism of wisdom and stability and has been used in the ancient practice of Feng Shui to enhance positive vibrations in the home.

The elephant art would be at home in country cottage chic or contemporary decors. Makes a great mother's day gift, birthday gift, anniversary and suitable for decorating a girls' or boys' room- even big girls like you.

Feng Shui and the Elephant

Since I recently completed this elephant painting, I wanted to give some thought to where someone might hang this painting in their home based on Feng Shui principles.

-Want your kids to study harder or do better in school? Place the painting in your child's bedroom, or wherever she does homework. The elephant symbolizes knowledge and trust.

-If you want to promote stability, place the elephant in the north of your home.

-Elephants guard and protect the household. They guard the door and bar the chi energy from leaving. So with that in mind, you can hang this elephant in your foyer near the door.

-Placing the elephant painting at the front door brings good luck, protection and strength to the household. Most feng shui practitioners believe that these elephants should have their trunks facing upwards as that represents prosperity, good luck and victory.

-The main rule for placing an elephant in your home is to always have the elephant facing into the room.

Invite this elephant to live with you in your home if these are qualities you desire.

TITLE: Elephant Dreams
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman

SIZE: You choose

Matting is white bevel cut to fit ready size frames to save you money on custom framing-- just slip into ready made frame!

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