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Always Stay Gracious, Original Watercolor Art

Always Stay Gracious, Original Watercolor Art

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No matter the weather, this young woman is ready to take on her day with a bold, black fedora and dark lipstick. Her hair might be hidden underneath the hat's brim, but she is not afraid of being judged by the members of today's society. Rather, she is choosing to conquer the day with her heart on her sleeve and a soft smile on her lips. 

This figure would compliment any collector's home, whether it is hung in the bedroom or foyer. Overall, she reminds us to be ourselves, embrace our own aesthetics and not judge anyone else by the way they look.


TITLE: Always Stay Gracious
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman
Size: 8x10" art with included 11x14" white mat
Media: Watercolor on paper

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