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Zebra - Born to Be Wild, Original Mixed Media Art 11x14"

Zebra - Born to Be Wild, Original Mixed Media Art 11x14"

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The reason I painted this zebra is to demonstrate the strength of femininity.

This black and white striped and patterned zebra is against a soft pink feminine background.

The zebra reminds us to be unique and embrace our differences. However,  zebras prefer to be in groups – mostly comprised of females with a lone male overseeing them. This closely connected social structure is symbolic. It implies reliance upon the community. The zebra teaches us about the importance of community and female friendship.

The zebra teaches us to gather with our own kind for comfort and safety against outside threat. The zebra helps people find a community in which they can fit, and feel safe.

However, the zebra is on in the horse/donkey family that cannot be domesticated so that the zebra can help you remember that you were born to be wild


SOLD - if you want a print, you may request it here


Since she is painted on gallery wrapped canvas, you will be able to take her out of the box and hang her up immediately. No framing required!


TITLE:  Zebra - Born to Be Wild
SIZE: 11x14" gallery wrapped canvas - 7/8" sides painted black
Framing: wired and ready to hang
colors: black and white and touches of sophisticated pink
SHIPPING: All original art sent within the US is mailed via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. International art is sent first class and express shipping option is available to all locations

Collect this original, one of a kind art to make your home calm, happy and colorful!

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