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Panda-monium, Original Mixed Media Art 20x20"

Panda-monium, Original Mixed Media Art 20x20"

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I want you to meet another one of my new friends.

This guy is chewing on a bamboo stick and folks who have seen it often comment that it looks like he’s smoking.

I don’t think they are entirely wrong either.

I was very close to my Grandfather and after a scare with mouth cancer, he switched from smoking cigars to chewing on them.
Since my own father had passed away when I was only 5 years old, my grandfather stood in as my father figure and played an important role in my life when I was growing up.

But there are other meanings behind why I chose a Panda at this time that I want to talk about. Panda is a soft and fuzzy animal, yet they are also strong. The panda is a symbol of gentleness and strength. The general meanings associated with this animal are:

  • Gentle strength
  • Peace
  • Good luck, positive outlook on life
  • Connection with Eastern wisdom

The symbolism of the panda also encompasses personal and spiritual qualities, such as:

  • Integration of polarized aspects of yourself, such as feminine and masculine energies
  • Heart-centered energy, nurturing ability
  • Importance of emotions
  • Calm determination, ability to take time to reach your goals
  • Importance of private space and personal boundaries

    Of all these things, I find the importance of maintaining private space and personal boundaries most important to my success.

There’s something about this Panda that I find relaxing. Perhaps because he's integrated with nature or maybe the yin-yang of the black and white combination- it instantly relaxes me. 

For this Panda painting, I imagine pulling in other zen elements like a bamboo plant - some ceramics to invoke the calmness of the pottery wheel and deep teal pillows.

Where would you imagine this panda painting in your home?


TITLE: Panda-monium
SIZE: 20x20" gallery wrapped canvas - 7/8" sides painted black 
Framing: wired and ready to hang
colors: teal blue, black & white with touches of cheerful pink
SHIPPING: All original art sent within the US is mailed via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. International art is sent first class and express shipping option is available to all locations

Collect this original, one of a kind art to make your home calm, happy and colorful!


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