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Piano Passion, Original Mixed Media Art

Piano Passion, Original Mixed Media Art

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My Piano Story

Did you play piano as a child? I really wanted to but my single mother couldn't afford a piano.. it wasn't until she remarried and I was in middle school that our family invested in a piano. I was twelve by then and had never played but my desire was so great that I practiced every day.

My grandmother was living close by at the time and she had very long piano fingers and she could sit with me while I practiced making the time more enjoyable and like a second lesson. Within a year I had nearly caught up to my less diligent peers who had started years earlier. by the end of seventh grade, I performed "Solfeggio" in the spring concert. This is a very showy piece that makes you sound like you are better than you really are as long as you can play the piece quickly without mistakes.

The following year, my family moved (with the piano) across the country and although they found me a new piano teacher, I missed my grandmother and practicing was not the joy it once was. By the time I reached highschool, I had developed other competing interests and found that "drama geek" would be a more sociable fit for me than "piano prodigy." ( I was never a prodigy.)

In case you were wondering, I was always doodling in class but since I hadn't figured out how to meet boys with that pleasure either, it didn't demand my full attention.

Anyhow, in this painting I surrender to the art of the piano. I chose a Steinway as the luxury symbol of pianos and gave the black and white shapes a richness of texture. Below, is a close up detail of the piano painting, Piano Passion, in all its glory.

About this Art

This original painting is a website exclusive. Look how handsome it can be in your home. Whether you have a colorful home, or one that is more spartan and subdued, the black and white colors will blend harmoniously.

There is only one original which you can collect here. I know you are just going to love owning this one of a kind original signed artwork which will come to you with a white mat so that you can slip it into a ready made 12x16" frame without the cost of custom framing. I do not frame it for you so that it can ship easliy whether you live in New York ( like me) or in Australia. I am happy to ship internationally. Frames are very personal and should coordinate with your home decor so you have the freedom to choose your own.

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