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Spring's Tumpet, Original Collage art on Wood Panel 10x10"

Spring's Tumpet, Original Collage art on Wood Panel 10x10"

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Trumpet that spring has come. The brightest of orange poppies against the calm of a purple sea. A trumpet lies in the layers of the art. Spring speaks to the optimist.

Spring’s Trumpet can be heard all around, from the buzzing of bees on spring’s freshest flowers. This piece layers musical imagery and delicate linework, featuring a group of blooming red-orange poppies. The happy reds combined with calm purples make this original painting a vibrant celebration of Spring. The sides of this art are painted the same textured lilac tones as the front.

Decorating Idea:

Place “Spring’s Trumpet” in an area where warmth is needed. The original art makes a great addition to breakfast areas or any place where mornings are spent.

Feng Shui practitioners will want to place this art in their bedroom to ignite love and passion.


TITLE: Spring's Trumpet
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman
Size: 10x10" on wood panel- no framing is required
Materials: Mixed media collage on Wood Panel

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