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Steer Stare, Original Mixed Media Art

Steer Stare, Original Mixed Media Art

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This mixed media artwork of a steer combines the best of collage & mixed media for lots of texture and dimension. The cow art would be at home in boho and cottage chic decors. Makes a great mother's day gift, birthday gift and suitable for decorating a girls' or boys' room- even big girls like you.
This whimsical and happy will alter the mood of your room and everyone in it.  You will never get bored of discovering the textures and layers that complete this artwork. Discover something new each time you look at it. 
The colors are intended to make you feel happy yet calm at the same time. The orange in the art adds energy while the brown in the art will ground you. Although colors and the way folks react can be highly personal. The warm colors in the art will make you feel energized, warm, passionate and positive. Feel enthusiastic about your day after looking at this art.
The brown, beige and tan in the art evokes dependability and reliability, with steadfastness, and with earthiness. Together, with the steady stare of the cow this art will make you feel safe and guarded over. 
Invite this steer to live with you in your home if these are qualities you desire.
TITLE: Steer Stare
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman
SIZE:  15x15in in frame
MEDIA: mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas with acrylic varnish
FRAMING: included
SHIPPING: All original art sent withing the US is mailed via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. International art is sent first class and express shipping option is available to all locations
This beautiful frame in gold leaf is finished with the "Old World" technique of showing hand leafing lines between each individual leaf that reveals a thin black separation line.
These unique frames are called floater frames because the illusion they create is that your artwork is "floating" within the frame instead of being covered by it — perfect for displaying a gallery wrap canvas where no staples are visible. The frame is wired and ready to be hung on your wall.

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