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Potted Peacock, Original Acrylic Art

Potted Peacock, Original Acrylic Art

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Stunning in its beauty, the Peacock is considered the manifestation of the celestial Phoenix on earth. Its mesmerizing modern bright chartreuse, orange and teal blue colors and the "thousand eyes" look on its tail is considered to promote fame and good luck in feng shui, as well as enhance one's protection and awareness. Of course, such a stunningly beautiful bird as the peacock will also symbolize beauty and the feelings of love and attraction.

This is why the image of the peacock or the peacock feathers are often recommended in feng shui as a love cure for single people to help attract the desired mate.

Wherever you decide to display the peacock art the artwork will give you pleasure throughout the years.

Art reduces stress by increasing relaxation, enjoyment and inner calm. After you collect this peacock painting it will hang in your home and you will get enjoyment from it every time you look at it. This peacock art enhances any room that it is displayed in. Just knowing that this original art completes your interior design can lift the mood of the room and everyone in it.

TITLE: Potted Peacock
SIZE: 36x36" Three by Three FEET gallery wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile
Colors: bright chartreuse yellow green gold, teal blue, sapphire, orange
MEDIA: Gallery Wrapped Canvas-no glass required for framing, comes pre-stretched and ships flat
SHIPPING: All original art sent withing the US is mailed via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. International art is sent first class and express shipping option is available to all locations

Collect this original, one of a kind art to make your home calm, happy and colorful!

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